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Magnetic Mountings

Magnetic Mountings

Car Mascot/ Hood Ornament

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Magnet Sets

We are able to supply super strength magnetic mountings for some of our car mascots, but they are not suitable for all models in the range.

We are able to offer mountings using either 1 or 2 rubberised high strength magnets. However, it is impossible to guarantee at what vehicle speed/ wind speed/ cross-wind etc the magnets will release. Please contact us to discuss your requirements as these are a very good solution to mascot mounting as no hole needs drilling in the bonnet, but some models (e.g.birds with open wings) are definitely not suitable for magnet fixing!

The car bonnet in the picture is made from aluminium and so a self- adhesive steel disc is supplied in the magnet kit. Once the steel disc is attached to the bonnet, the mascot & magnet assembly can be fixed securely in place.

Please Contact Us to discuss this option before ordering.


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